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Game Rules

Game Rules

It is the responsibility of all players to have read and understand these rules. This post will be updated as needed.

1. Each player must have a Live Journal for their character. If you need to create a Live Journal Account, go to

2. All players must join both the vie_et_liberte and liberte_ooc LJ Communities. To join the communities, send an e-mail to

Please note that vie_et_liberte is reserved for In-Character posting only. You must have an approved character to join vie_et_liberte.

3. Each player must send a Character Sheet Post to the GMs at pourvieetliberte AT gmail DOT com. If you do not have access to the Buffy The Vampire Slayer game rules, you may submit a character history and Sample LJ Post to the GMs (using the above e-mail) and request that they create the character for you based on these.

4. If you can't post for a time, please let the GMs (and any other players that you're interacting with) know. Feel free to let the GMs know if you want your character to be doing anything in particular while you're unable to post; we'll do what we can to accomodate you.

5. Be nice to your fellow players (and that includes the GMs). Please try to keep any disagreements civil. The point is for everyone to have fun. As a player, you are expected to respect your fellow players' religion, race, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and disabilities. Pour Vie Et Liberte is a game that involves people from many different walks of life, and they come here for enjoyment. It's one thing if your character is biased against a particular group or individual; it's quite another if you, the player, are. OOC discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.

6. A player’s personal information is his to reveal or conceal as he chooses. Unless the player has openly revealed her RL name and details to the group, other players should respect her privacy and not post such details.

7. Posts containing potentially objectionable material (like explicit sex or graphic violence) should be LJ-cut and Friends-Locked, and a warning posted in the entry. An easy way to do this is "((OOC: Smut Warning!))" for sexual content, or "((OOC: Violence Warning!))" for violent content (you can put more detail in if you wish). If you're not sure whether or not the material is objectionable, please err on the side of caution.

8. Any sort of IC actions which might significantly alter the setting (killing a major political figure, planting a bomb in City Hall, assembling an army of demon storm troopers, etc.) should be discussed with the GMs before implementation. While such IC things are allowed to happen, it is polite to let the GMs know so they can properly work out how best to structure the game based on the IC actions that you desire to take. We would also want to know how you are intending to commit such IC actions (in the case of a bombing, where you got the explosives, for one thing....). Also, please be aware that there will be consequences for such actions; be prepared to face them.

9. All die rolls in this game will be handled by the GMs. If you need a roll, request it in the liberte_ooc community. Make sure to link to the post that the roll is for so we can find it! (Example: "Could I get a Dexterity + Getting Medieval roll on [insert link here]? I want to spend a Drama Point on this for a Heroic Feat, too....")

10. It should go without saying that the Gamemaster's ruling is final. Discussions about game issues are fairly common, and handled in a friendly and reasonable manner. The OOC Community is full of them. However, if one of the GMs makes a final judgment call, that is the final decision.

11. All information in private threads, or threads in which your PC is not present, is not known by your character, unless he has used some means to divine that information. This must go through the GMs. Do not act on OOC information.

12. To adapt the game to the LJ format, the following general guidelines for participation are followed:
  • Any Public thread in an ICly-public place that is posted to the vie_et_liberte group is open to other characters joining the RP.

  • A player should ask permission of the other characters before joining any thread in an ICly-private place (e.g. a character's home) that is posted to the vie_et_liberte group, unless it is clearly marked as an open thread (example: "OOC: All players are welcome here!").

  • A player should ask permission of the other characters before joining a Friends-Only thread in the vie_et_liberte community, unless it is clearly marked as an open thread.

  • A player should ask permission of the other characters before joining any thread in a character's private journal, unless it is clearly marked as an open thread.

13. Do not post other characters' or NPCs' actions for them unless given express permission to do so by the other player or GM controlling the character. Other people's characters are theirs to control.

14. If you start a thread, you will find that LiveJournal will allow you to delete posts in that thread made by others. Do not do this without the express permission of the other party. Period. This especially applies to posts made by the GMs.

15. Be aware that bad things may happen to your character in this game. This does not mean that anyone is deliberately trying to make your IC life miserable. If you have a problem with something going on IC, please tell one of the GMs.

16. Have fun!
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