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What'cha gonna play?

So, what are people interested in playing? I've adjusted the comments settings for this entry, so those of you who haven't yet joined the comm can respond.

Feel free to leave your ideas, questions, concerns, and the like about character creation here.

For those of you without access to the Buffy rules from Eden Studios, we as mods are willing to stat up PCs from character backgrounds that you send us.

A bit of background: The game takes place in Philadelphia, PA in the present day (mid-2005). This game takes place after the series finale of the Buffy TV show, so multiple Slayers are possible. The Watchers' Council is attempting to rebuild after the events of the TV show's final season.

The Council has established a training center for new Slayers and Watchers in east Philadelphia, near the waterfront (and close to Old City - home of the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and other historic monuments). The new recruits are being trained under the watchful eyes of Slayer Kimiko Yamada (a recent graduate of a Slayer training program headed by Faith - yes, that Faith! :), and Watcher Claudia Wyndam.

Again, we will take Slayers, "Scooby Gang" members (think support staff for the Slayers; for those of you familiar with the TV show, Xander is a pretty good example), Watchers, or ordinary mundane humans. "Special" characters like Witches, Psychics (think Cordelia in Angel), Initiative agents, Super-scientists (a'la Warren Mears before he turned to villainy), and the like, are accepted at the GMs' discretion.

Vampires (with souls or otherwise), demons, and demonic hybrids are right out (so don't even ask).

Any questions? Anyone know what they'd like to play?
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