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Character sheet post format

Here's the format we'd like character sheets to be sent in. Please send them to pourvieetliberte (at)

Please use the form below when applying, and type or paste everything into the body of the message - no attachments or fancy formatting (multiple columns, etc.), please! Attachments will be deleted without reading, and you will be asked to re-send your application as specified above.

Before submitting a character, make sure you have read the rules of this game, and understand how they apply to you as a player.

Some Things to Be Aware Of

  • Pour Vie et Liberte accepts only original characters; please don't ask to play an established (or "canon") character from the Buffy or Angel TV shows (Buffy, Faith, Gunn, Lilah Morgan, etc.).
  • We will accept Slayers, Watchers, "Scooby Gang" members (a'la Xander and Cordelia), and completely mundane PCs.
  • Slayer characters must be female. This game takes place after the end of the Buffy TV series, so multiple Slayer PCs *are* possible.
  • Vampires (with souls or otherwise), demons or demonic hybrids (half-demons, etc.) are not permitted as PCs. Psychics (a'la Cordelia in Angel), witches (a'la Willow, Amy, Tara), Initiative agents (a'la Riley Finn), and other "special" characters are accepted at the GMs' discretion.

Player Information
LJ Username: (the User Name for the Live Journal account you will be using for this game)
AIM: Your AIM Screen Name (if any)
YIM: Your Yahoo! ID (if any)
ICQ: Your ICQ number (if any)
Are you over 18? (Note: If you are *under* 18, please say so!)

Character Information
Character Name:
Character Type: (Hero or White Hat)
Character's Age:
Attributes: List with score; i.e., Strength 5
Skills: List with score, and specialty if applicable; i.e., Computers 3, Language 2 (Latin, Ancient Greek). The Wild Card skill should include a description, i.e., Wild Card (Riding Horses) 3.
Qualities and Drawbacks: List each of these, and provide a shorthand description of what it involves. [i.e., Jock (3-point Quality, +1 to any two Physical Attributes, +2 levels of Sports, -1 penalty to rolls involving Intelligence {except where the Sports Skill is involved})]. The shorthand is so we're not constantly looking up Qualities and Drawbacks.
Background & Personality: This should be the longest section! In it, please remember to include details of your character's early life, family, and so on.
Description of your character:
Equipment: Any equipment that your PC has
Sample LJ post: This is an example of an IC journal entry for this game.
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